Let's make a difference with accessories in summer

MINI BOSTON BAG produced in small numbers


KM/MINI BOSTON-OV had been out of stock for more than half a year before I knew it because of the small number and irregular production each time.

This time, although it is a small number, the gold ZIP specification has arrived at the Sendai store.

It is expected to sell out immediately, so if you are interested, please contact us by phone.

quick release boots


Favicon with front quick-release zipper


The quick-release zipper is convenient because it makes it easy to put on and take off, but you can also change the look by removing it as a pair of lace-up boots.


How about adding a wine color to your motorcycle wear, which tends to be dark?

This color is also popular because it is easy to coordinate.

Popular boots with back zip



This is a popular elefantas with a simple design and ease of putting on and taking off from the beginning of release.

With the release of wine-colored Ash elefantas this season, the range of coordination has expanded.

By the way, some people may feel that wine color is difficult to match, but it is surprisingly easy to match with denim navy or beige chino pants, so it is recommended!

WAIST BAG for irregular production

waist bag1waist bag2

HFG/WAIST BAG-PTD , an irregular production product special order model for directly managed stores

Because it is a limited specification that is different from the regular model, you may be able to make a difference with your touring companions. I can't.

If you are interested, please try it at the store.

You may find an unexpected combination by trying it with your usual wear.

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