What shall we do?

The rainy season is finally over and the weather is sunny every day.
When the temperature is this high, it seems that there are many vehicles that are hesitant to ride.

Shall we run away to the mountains?
Shall we run away to the north?
What did you think?

I've been thinking about what to buy for August!


First of all, I would like an additional T-shirt. It's hot so I'm wearing a white T-shirt.
I'm having trouble with the KADOYA x GK Dynamics collaboration T-shirt series because there are so many different types.
(I want black too)


I would also like to get new perforated leather JKT and mesh JKT for summer.
Up until now, many sizes have been out of stock...

There seems to be no time to worry.

KA-G.I.J_Engineer boots

Boots and gloves ? !
Hmm, new models have been increasing in this category recently, so
I'm having trouble deciding which one to buy additionally.


You'll also want to stock up on standard bags and accessories.
This is something you should consider carefully depending on your intended use.
(I'm curious about the leg bags that are in stock recently.)

How much to buy?


Ahh! In fact, the standard riders JKT is surprisingly available now.
It might be a good idea to consider that for the fall...

...and there's no end to it, so I'll leave it here.

…What kind of bike life do you all have?

Looks like we're out of stock...
If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us at the store.
*Please be aware of regular holidays and summer holidays in August.

Notice of point up sale

In fact, for about a month from today, all KADOYA directly managed stores and official online shop will be offering

We are holding our first point up sale .

Even in the normal period, the return rate is 5%, which many people say, "That's a high return rate!"
10% will be given twice. (Example: Purchase of ¥50,000 excluding tax = 5,000 points)

Whether you buy seasonal items or next fall items, we offer great deals.
If you are a customer who is having trouble with a product, we would appreciate it if you could go to the store and try your best!

Items that appeared