Every year around this time, we introduce the HFG series.
Today, I visited the KADOYA main store, which has a high staff patronage rate.
Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets
M, a handsome staff member at our main store who loves the HFG WAIST BAG GS-PTD.
I feel that it is visually appealing to wear it diagonally like a gun belt, but I also feel that it is worn a little too low.
Although I understand that it is unnecessary care,
"You, Kimi, don't you lower your hair a little too much? It looks sloppy, doesn't it?"
"Really? Even with this, it feels good when I straddle the bike, but if I raise it up, it bounces up in the riding position and it doesn't look good, in the case of my bike."
I see, if it's something I've thought about, I won't say anything more.
I think the functionality in the riding position and the sensibility that goes into appearance are good.
Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets
While we were having this conversation, Whitening Staff A, who also loves GS-PTD, started brushing his hair.
We are polishing it at a tremendous pace.
There must have been something unpleasant about it.
I love watching people work so hard to maintain their beloved items, and I can't help but stare at them.
It seems like they are being taken care of, which is great.
Oh, it looks like you're enjoying a little customization by adding a leather pull to the zipper, isn't it great?
Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets
Senpai Staff A loves WAIST BAG GS-STD.
His BAG has been used for a long time and is showing a certain level of performance.
The sitting position is in the correct position, as expected from an adult.
The balance with the hem of the jacket is perfect, they are integrated.
Nikui has a body that doesn't think about it, but is actually carefully calculated, even the way the back of the adult's T-shirt is exposed is calculated.
Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets
K'sLeather ladies model and HFG WAIST BAG GS-STD displayed on the torso on the second floor of the main store.
The length of the belt part of GS-BAG is available in two sizes: S and L.
In any case, it's a little short to use as a shoulder bag, but depending on your physique, you can also use it as a shoulder bag.
The body size is compact and the round shape looks cute depending on how you look at it, so it is especially recommended for women.
That's why the head office staff wears the GS-BAG half the time as a work tool.
If you are interested, please come to our main store as this will be a good reference for how it changes over time and how it feels when worn.
Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets
The HFG series, including the GS-BAG that we introduced this time, is featured in the magazine Lightning, which is currently on sale.
Please check them out as well.

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