For me, leather jackets have the concept of "armor", and I used to prefer hard and heavy things.
I was there.
I want to wear it as close to my skin as possible, so the size is always just right. Only T-shirts inside
I couldn't wear it, and in the winter I ended up putting on an outerwear over the padded jacket weighing over 3kg.
It moves like a robot, making squeaky noises and being intoxicated by the sense of restraint.
However, gradually the body will complain of stress.

Therefore, we developed a concept based on the concept of "a leather jacket that feels like a jersey", and made a prototype three years ago.
I got the chance to
An image of a custom British jersey with lines and piping on the model JKT under development.

For the leather, select the drum die used for HF N-3B LEATHER . Thin and soft cowhide,
Not easy to tear and strong enough.
Compared to medium thick vintage steer (1.5mm) and thick oil soft steer (1.8mm)
1.0mm thick and lightweight.

The use of raglan sleeves improves momentum when riding.
The front is equipped with a flap with a button closure on the zipper, and a gusseted zipper at the cuffs.
Using them together will increase wind resistance.
The quilted lining is also clear against the cold, but it can also be used as an inner layer in the middle of winter.
Yes. (Desire)

If you notice, this JKT is the only one to appear in 3 seasons.

Is it just me? As you get older, you shift to light, soft, mild, etc.
tend to. Leather jackets, food, cigarettes...


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