toward the next season...

A big event to do at this time of the year....

Promotional shoot for next season!!

Today we will introduce one frame of such planning work

Due to lead time, etc., the shooting of the promotion

Fall/Winter items---From the end of the rainy season to early summer

Spring/Summer --- This time of winter

We will shoot on location about half a season after the main sales period. So in winter, start before the sun rises.

And in the middle of summer, sweaty and wearing cold protection equipment

Running and shooting with a mesh jacket in the middle of winter

Various hard (laughs)

Recently, he has used the studio and the outdoors properly to secure a number of variation cuts and photo materials.

We try to make it as easy as possible for our customers to understand.

Sometimes in the studio or on public roads, there are times when I say, "You don't do this gesture or scene, do you?"

Because it is the material that creates the image of clothes and style,

Thinking while weighing photogenicity and reality.

Even so, I set up a model and photographed the product with great care.

I feel an indescribable sense of fulfillment when I can take a photo that I think is cool!

And during shooting, I sharpen my nerves so that I can take such cuts even a little.

So that we can deliver more interesting and good things and scenes

It's still winter outside, but we're steadily thinking about planning for the next season, and then the season after that.

It's a little early, but I hope you enjoy the next season's lineup.

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