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I've been commuting at roughly the same times and taking roughly the same route for years.

I tend to get stuck in a rut and become dull, but every year at this time of year, when the cool air starts to flow, I realize once again how good it feels to be riding a motorcycle.

As you make hundreds of trips back and forth, the townscape will naturally change little by little, and even if you notice it at that time, you will quickly adapt to the new scenery and quickly forget what happened a while ago, which is a good thing. Is it a bad thing?

I suddenly remembered a movie I saw a long time ago, which depicts the relationship between the main character, an old man who runs a tobacco shop, and the customers who go to the shop.

The old man's daily routine is to take just one photo at the storefront every morning.

By chance passers-by were reflected there, and after many years of shooting, it became a splendid album, and the flow of the story after that was...

I can't remember it at all, but somehow the stubborn old man's simple daily routine left a vague impression on me.

A father's daily routine is a spontaneous action, but on the other hand, if it is a passive daily routine, it may be a waste if he doesn't enjoy the trivial things he feels in it.

The autumn breeze makes me feel that way.

While I was saying what, I arrived at Ueno Station.

A few minutes to work.

My head factory, which never changes, but keeps moving, I wonder if something will happen today too...

If you don't enjoy it, loss, loss,

How sweet, let's do our best again today!


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