Iron core, no need! ?


The daytime temperature is rising, and the weather for motorcycles is increasing these days.

How are you doing?

By the way, if you let me serve you at the store,

I am sometimes asked.

That is the question, "Does this boot contain an iron core?"

Speaking from conclusion,

Boots handled by Kadoya do not have an iron core (toe steel).

The equation [with iron core = safety] is certainly true in factories.

However, in that case, the specifications of the iron core are determined by JIS standards,

This will prevent things from falling and nails to be stepped on.

It is for industrial use only and does not fall under the category of safety shoes.

Now, when you assume an accident on a motorcycle, a stronger impact is expected.

In the worst case, the iron core may be crushed and the toe cut off.

Reported by UK Transport Authority.

Also, the change pedal pinches the leather, which can cause tearing.

In other words, motorcycle boots should not have an iron core.

What did you think? I would be happy if you could refer to the selection of boots.

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Please feel free to ask me.

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