The ability of people

It's mid-November, and the best time to see autumn leaves in Tokyo is approaching.

It's cold in the morning and evening, but it's the best season when you wear a leather jacket and it's neither hot nor cold.

It's my personal favorite season.

Meanwhile, I wanted a three-quarter length inner
The other day, I bought "Koiguchi" here in Asakusa, which is dotted with long-established festival specialty stores.

I entered the store only for Koikuchi, but my eyes drifted to the attractive items.
I finally arrived at the Koikuchi area with tenugui and shoes in hand.

The sizes are small, medium, and large.
(For some reason I've only seen women...)

When I asked, "I'm 172cm/65kg, is the size medium?"

In recent years, I've been increasing the bore, but is it finally "large"?
"Isn't it a little big...?"

"If it's 175 cm, it's big. Would you like to try it on?"

that?! I should have said it earlier, but when I said "I'm 172 cm"

The store clerk looked at me, glanced at my feet, and said, "Ah, shoes...".

I was shocked. The soles of the boots I was wearing that day were thick soles...

When I tried it on, it was just the right size. After shopping, I went home comfortably.
Somewhere I'm curious about what happened earlier, so I take out the normal sole specification boots and compare them.

3cm difference! ! Scared... or rather impressed! !

When I am making things, I look at the height of the collar and the width of the stitches.
Sometimes I notice a difference of 1mm. Occupational disease or intuition...?

In any work or daily life Isn't there a scene like that?

However, even though he has many years of experience, is it possible to know his height just by looking at him?

Speaking of which...

Kadoya also has a pattern maker who can tell the opponent's thigh circumference and chest width without measuring...

Perhaps, among Kadoya's sales staff, guessing height is a piece of cake?

It must be so. maybe. surely··

Changing the subject, in recent years, the development of AI (artificial intelligence) has been unfathomable.

What was once a story in the movies may soon become a reality...

It's very exciting and in some areas very exciting.

On the other hand, there are also concerns...

AI that develops spontaneously with the ability to think for itself against robots that cannot handle things outside the program.

To say Is all our manufacturing going to be mechanized? measure and sell
Will we no longer need humans?
Considering the height of the sole and the thickness of the clothes, I wonder if it's easy to measure people's sizes...

Are humans powerless then?

No, man's power is not like this. maybe. surely···


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