This is the name embroidered on the battle jacket made for Chairman Fukano's 60th birthday celebration.

Using a horizontal swing sewing machine, the needle moves left and right, and the craftsman directly sews the fabric while looking at the design.
A unique Japanese technique that creates a pattern on the fabric.

Experience and skills cultivated over many years are required.

At Kadoya, it used to be a custom-made name tag
I adopted this horizontal swing embroidery.

However, today, when computerized sewing machines are the mainstream, there are only a few in Japan.
This sewing machine craftsman is also on the decline.

And one skilled craftsman with whom I have been associated for many years in the neighborhood
I retired several years ago.

In such a way, I had an opportunity to request name embroidery near the day of retirement.

As usual, the technique of writing letters smoothly without drafts
I'm going to stare at it, but the person in question is the first time to start small talk while processing the thread.

In that short, relaxed conversation...

After praising the achievements of the second president (currently the chairman), saying, "Kadoya-san, you've become splendid."

"I'm sure you've been blessed with good staff."

Only by those who have watched Kadoya's growth for many years
These words stuck in my heart.

You may be right.

Of course, I think that individual power is great, but I don't think there is anyone who can do everything on their own.
There must always be someone who supports you from the shadows.

``Staff'' means a person who supports people and makes various strategies.
It's a word you don't usually hear or say
Directly translated into English, "STAFF"

It is also a very familiar word.

There are many people who are called staff officers in companies and in history.

In my case, when I go back to my childhood, it started with the anime and hero squadron things I was watching at the time.
There was a tendency to be strongly attracted to such positions.

Time has passed, and now there is a staff officer to enliven the third president, Fukano.
I feel that I will continue to grow.

First of all, I will strive to be that presence in the factory.

On the day when a skilled embroidery shop worker retired, I visited him to say hello and thank him.

At a later date, all the factory staff received handkerchiefs with their names embroidered in return.

A beautiful finish that does not seem to be hand-made.

Seeing this side-swinging embroidery reminds me of the conversation we had at the time.


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