one of mine.

I like deerskin, and somehow I was attracted to the title

A holiday that suddenly occurred to me to go see the movie.

Pass the old battlefield nearby.

to the parking lot of the shopping mall.

the movie was good.

I go to the roof to lose myself in thought.

and found something

OK, let's go.

Just running in the neighborhood, just, just comfortable.

What I saw from the rooftop was a Ferris wheel.

Still, for some reason, I am immersed in a sense of accomplishment.

My partner is Super Cub C125.

・Air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single cylinder ・124cc ・9.7PS/7500pm ・110kg

・Original custom GIVI pannier case, tandem seat equipment only.

Equipped with keyless entry, front disc brakes, tubeless tires,

I have the detail which was particular about the details.

It seems that the slogan of the development team was "God is in the details".

My daily life, commuting and casual holidays teach me the joy of riding a motorcycle.

That's the one.

Bikes are good, aren't they?

Items that appeared