In September, more and more people are looking for leather pants and chaps.

Leather pants and chaps, as you know, have a strong tear strength, of course.

It protects your legs from the heat and cold from the engine.

Of course, leather pants are also cool and recommended, but you can also choose "chapps".

[Wearing 166cm/M size]

The good thing about chaps, unlike leather pants, is that you can easily put them on and take them off without taking off your boots.

Many women, especially, ride motorcycles in skinny jeans or denim pants. For those who are a little worried about wearing skinny or denim pants, just wearing chaps will give you a sense of security, so we recommend it.

Just wrap it around your leg, close the zip on the side, and pass it through both sides of the belt you usually use, and you will become a "cool female rider".

Of course, there is also a line-up for men.

It will be a very useful item for the coming season, so please try it♪

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