Riders Wear

September from tomorrow
Has the peak of midsummer passed?

The hot days are likely to continue,
A good season is coming to go out on a motorcycle.

What do you wear when riding a motorcycle?

If possible, I would like you to wear leather wear and ride.

A lot of leather has been used for riders jackets since ancient times.

In particular, cowhide has strength and durability as a gear that protects the body.

In fact, people around me wear T-shirts and light jackets when riding motorcycles,
in an unexpected accident,
Caused by friction with asphalt regardless of the severity of the accident
In some cases, I have suffered painful abrasions.

It doesn't mean that it's okay to wear leather,
doing this job,

“At that time, I was glad I was wearing a leather jacket.”

"This jacket saved me..."

I often hear the story.

What can I say, I am one of them.

A two-wheeled vehicle that becomes more fun the more you ride it.

If possible, I want to ride safely forever.


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