Choosing the size of the RIDEN ARM COVER.

High-performance innerwear series for summer, [RIDEN] has arrived.

KADOYA's classic summer jackets.

Although it was May, there were many hot days, and some models were already out of stock.

Midsummer is the strongest when combined with such a summer jacket,

It is a high-performance innerwear for summer!

KADOYA also develops it every year, but this year we have developed a new outfit as the RIDEN series .

Tops, bottoms, neck covers, arm covers,

All arrived!

However, the one that seems to be the most troublesome in choosing the size is

Isn't it an arm cover ?

KADOYA RIDEN arm cover ①

This year's arm covers are consolidated into one as RIDEN ARM COVER.

A summer arm cover that has been popular as SUMMER SHIELD .

This time, we have brushed up the texture of the material, etc., and consolidated the variations into one.

The RIDEN series features a black body with a red logo and laser holes. Thanking you in advance.

KADOYA RIDEN arm cover logo

KADOYA RIDEN arm cover laser hole

It's not too flashy, but it's a dish that accents your coordination!

Choosing the size of the RIDEN ARM COVER

In times like these,

"I want to visit KADOYA's directly managed store, but I can't go because the company tells me not to go away..."

For some reason, there must be some people who reluctantly want to post online!

For those of you who don't know the size, I will roughly explain how to choose the size of the arm cover.

Since the days of SUMMER SHIELD, we have often introduced them at stores, but the most important thing is

It is a feeling of size around the upper arm (part of the bicep) !

If this is loose, it will hopelessly fall down and it will be difficult to use.

Basically, I recommend the perfect eye size,

  • S size = upper arm circumference around 25 cm
  • M size = upper arm circumference around 30 cm
  • L size = upper arm circumference around 35 cm
  • LL size = upper arm circumference around 40 cm

Please look at the feeling of size,

If you can't decide between two sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller size!

If you have long and thin hands, consider the next size up.

As a pattern that does not fit the above,

If you have long and thin hands and want to avoid sunburn,

If you're stuck between two sizes, the larger size might be better.

I have you compare it with the arm circumference number mentioned above,

Are your upper arms a little looser? If the size is between

KADOYA RIDEN arm cover non-slip

The RIDEN ARM COVER this time has a non- slip rubber on the edge around the upper arm as a remedy,

I think they will stay more than SUMMER SHIELD.

How to wear the RIDEN ARM COVER

Raise your upper arm until it covers the sleeve of your T-shirt.
(If you leave the area halfway open, people running in short sleeves will get a striped tan, so be careful!)

Also, please attach the body seam so that it passes through the back of the elbow!

KADOYA RIDEN arm cover behind the elbow

It is best that the laser hole (hole) comes to the back of the elbow! Prevent stuffiness!

KADOYA RIDEN arm cover

The red KADOYA/RIDEN logo on the sleeve makes it a great accent!
(If you raise it roughly, the logo will be distorted and uncool, so be careful.)

Get ready for the RIDEN series before midsummer comes!

Especially the arm cover,

It seems to be an annual event that people come to buy after their arms are red from sunburn! (smile)

For customers who read this article, before your arm turns bright red,

We hope you are ready for summer.

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