Leather jackets, please contact us as soon as possible for custom-made consultations!

bespoke leather jacket

As many of you may know, our company KADOYA makes custom-made leather jackets.

Based on KADOYA's high-end line, HEAD FACTORY 's ready-made products,
From select orders that are made with minor changes such as leather texture, lining, and zipper color,

Not only is it made in a size that matches the customer's body shape,
We even offer full-order leather jackets in which the size is selected by simulating the customer's riding posture and amount of exercise.

Of course, we also accept orders for city wear.

Please pay attention to the delivery date for made-to-order products.

At present, the custom-made delivery time is about 2 months for basic select orders and about 4 months for full orders.

Depending on the contents of the order, it may be slightly different, so please visit the directly managed store for details.

If you have decided when you want to wear it, please contact us as soon as possible.

A leather jacket takes time to complete.

I said that it would take about 4 months for a new product to be completed for a full order,

As you continue to wear the leather jacket from there, it will become familiar with your body and will have various wrinkles, making it more comfortable to wear and giving it a three-dimensional look.

It is the customer himself who completes it after aging.

How about feeling the pleasure with an original made-to-order jacket? bespoke leather jacket

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