[Leather Sacoche] Just the right size for your wallet and smartphone

KADOYA's sacoche is of course made of leather! !

Not long ago, I asked ``What is Sacoche?'' ? ”, but now sacoche is becoming popular as a standard item!

KADOYA has made such a sacoche out of leather! !

By the way, sacoche is a French word that refers to a shoulder bag or bag, and was originally used for food supplies during bicycle races.

Storage capacity is long wallet & smartphone +α

[Leather sacoche] Perfect size for wallets and smartphones 2

When it comes to storage capacity, there is plenty of room for a long wallet ( L-ZIP LONG WALLET ) + smartphone!

You can also store other things like keys and cigarettes!

There are partitions inside, so you don't have to worry about the contents getting messy.

There is also a dot button type pocket on the front, which is just the right size to store your smartphone or mobile router! !

We recommend wearing a jacket.

So how is it recommended to use sacoche?

In conclusion, my recommendation is the jacket in bag! !

Of course, it is recommended to use it as a shoulder bag, but since it is a bag that is characterized by its compact size and light weight, I wonder if it will flap around a bit on the highway etc. That's the impression. . .

If you have a jacket in a bag, you don't have to worry about it flapping around!

[Leather sacoche] Perfect size for wallets and smartphones 3

``Will it still fit if I put a jacket over my bag? ”

You may think so, but when you take a lie position, there is more room around your chest, so it fits surprisingly well!

Of course, it depends on the size of the jacket and the amount of luggage...

If you are concerned about the size, please bring your jacket and try it on at the store! !

Can also be used as a waist bag when combined with a snap key chain

"I'm not good at shoulder straps..."

For those who say so, we also recommend using it as a waist bag in combination with SNAP KEYHOLDER !

[Leather sacoche] Use as a waist bag with a snap key chain

Since it is a dot button type, it is suitable for those who want to increase speed... but lol

A sacoche that can be used for things other than motorcycles can also be used for sightseeing at touring destinations and while traveling.

Not only is it easy to use for motorcycles due to its reasonable size and storage capacity, but it is also convenient to use after getting off the motorcycle or while traveling .

If you are looking for a bag that is easy to use both on your bike and for everyday use, please visit our store and try it out!

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