This summer, one of the skilled craftsmen who supported the Kadoya factory announced his retirement.

For more than 50 years, he has been working on the production of leather products, and has lived with his own skills with "skills".

Although he has continued to work even after retirement, his skills have not declined and he is active throughout his life.

To polish one's "skills" such as trying new things, touching, seeing and hearing
The owner of "craftsmanship" that spares no investment.

It's not about greedily adopting new methods.
A person formed by a flexible and friendly personality and pure curiosity
I feel that

This person is also my master who taught me how to sew one garment per person.

I don't want to lose such a person, so I asked him to continue the work.
I have not changed my determination that I made a milestone in myself, and retired last month.

What was the life of a craftsman for half a century like?

I think there are various reasons, but from the handwork that is part of me
In the situation where I had no choice but to leave, I was impressed at the same time as I was surprised at the graceful departure.

When I had to make a break for reasons such as my age,
While feeling unskilled in active duty, when I made the decision that it was a good time around here
Is it possible to leave just as gracefully?
I still can't really feel it.

The sincerity of working carefully until you are satisfied, and the glimpse and disappears in it
many tricks. The sense to create things, etc. He is a multi-talented person
I once again felt that deciding when to quit is one of my talents.

What I remember after leaving the site is the time when I always challenged my work with a serious competition.
A smile that contrasts with the expression full of spirit.

He made people feel comfortable with his natural sense of humor, and he was kind enough to take care of young craftsmen and newcomers.

Now that I can no longer hear the loud laughter, I realize how big the presence of personality was.
I feel keenly.

The other is when I'm having a conversation and joking as usual while drinking.

The proud expression on his face when he started to say, "I consider myself a craftsman."
I can't forget

I learned a lot, including technology.
I will leave the teachings I received directly to future generations without forgetting gratitude.

Thank you for your hard work for a long time.


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