During the raging busy season, my 1972 model Brain was on the verge of over-revving...
However, as long as it plays an important part as a patterner,
I can't afford to break it.

I try to reset myself and take the attitude of working on the next job.
Work on holidays, prepare for work at the beginning of the week,
Before the sun sets, I visited Senso-ji Temple.

About 500M southeast from KADOYA head office
There is an atmosphere called "Asakusa" since ancient times,
Although it is a tourist spot, the town that makes you feel "Edo" spreads out.

And Coco is my power spot.

Name embroidery sewn into the tag of the made-to-order product,
When I was in my twenties, I passed by this Senso-ji Temple by bicycle,
To the Azumaya name embroidery shop, which has now closed
It brings back memories of passing.
The more you think that time is just the other day,
This place remains unchanged.

For New Year's visits, Sensoji Temple ranks among the most crowded temples in Tokyo, along with Meiji Jingu.
The door of the main hall has a historical dignity.

Dedicated by the Hosankai of Murayama City, Yamagata Prefecture
A total of 800 people took about a month to create the “Owaraji”
Represents the power of Nio-sama,
"Are those wearing such big straw sandals protecting this temple?"
It seems that it is said that the demon will leave...

And the Nakamise shopping street that stretches south from the main hall
It is crowded with many tourists on holidays.

The signboards from the Showa era are still in use to match the atmosphere of the town.

Asakusa Kaminarimon majestic, which can be called the face of Asakusa
I am overwhelmed every time I look at it.

And when the night comes and the shopping district closes,
Another Nakamise street drawn by art students appears.

Murals of Asakusa drawn by students color the barren nighttime shops on the shutters.

Customers visiting the KADOYA head office,
By all means when you come to Asakusa
How about stopping by this place?

Well, the new year has started safely.
I feel refreshed and ready to fight tomorrow.



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