women's leather jacket

Women's only single rider [stand collar]

Action pleats are used for a simple design that is easy to wear even on the street with a natural feminine silhouette. It is easy to wear and can be worn by all kinds of bikes and a wide range of customers.

Women's classic double riders

Easy to wear when riding and brushed up for a feminine silhouette.
Open the collar to bring out the biker look.

This season's new semi-double rider [stand collar (standing collar)]
*Semi-double is a jacket with a diagonal zip.

The waist part is tighter and the feminine silhouette stands out the most.

By arranging a zipper opening and closing type gusset on the back hem, it reduces the feeling of tightness when riding a motorcycle. Compared to KL-S4 and KL-W4, this model has a loose fit and slightly longer sleeves and hem.

* KL-S4, KL-W4, IROS, all can be installed only with spine pads.

We also have leather jackets and fabric jackets for winter.
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