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Today I would like to introduce you to boots. There are so many different types of boots, such as lace-up boots, side gore boots, logger boots, engineer boots, etc.

Boots inspired by motocross boots

Raptor boots ①

These boots are made of steerhide and have a rugged look. A pair of shoes with a padded design pushed out to the front that makes a strong statement on your feet.

Raptor boots ②

Since it can be put on and taken off with a side zipper, the pants hem is easy to tuck into the boots, and there is no problem with the hem getting rolled up when riding. If you use regular straight denim or chino pants, the shaft is not that thick, so you can wear them around town with the boots out.

Raptor boots ③

Raptor boots ④

Shift guards are also placed on the left and right, and the heel is also padded with leather, so it can withstand heavy use. The bottom uses the double Mackay manufacturing method, allowing you to use it for a long time while it is being repaired.

Raptor boots ⑤

I tried it together with FENNEL-2. It may feel quite hard, but what do you think about it as it gives a uniform look to the padding on both the top and bottom?

Well then! !