Leather pants specialized for riding

Introducing a punching leather model for the popular BRAWLER series this season.
This time, we will introduce the BRAWLER PANTS-PL , a BRAWLER punching model.

Assuming summer riding, punching leather is used on the front side to take in the running wind, and stretch nylon is used in combination to expand the range of motion like the conventional BRAWLER PANTS. As a result, you don't feel the difficulty of movement peculiar to leather pants, and stress-free even with sudden movements during riding.

Shirring is placed above the knees, and it is also suitable for bikes with tight postures such as sports bikes.

In consideration of interference with the motorcycle, the fasteners are designed to hide bugs. It's a plain part, but it's a nice point for motorcycle riding.

The knees are standard equipped with soft protectors that have cleared CE LEVEL1 standards. Pads can be easily taken in and out from the outside, and can be upgraded to CE LEVEL2 pads.

This item is recommended for those who want to enjoy riding comfortably and safely even on hot days.

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