Sendai store limited leather bags with lightness and softness are in stock!

Following the limited leather bag that was introduced the other day , we have received a limited HFG/Shoulder BAG-STD based bag.

Shoulder bag with light and soft texture using goat leather (HF goat)

Like the previous wine red HFG/Shoulder BAG-PTD base, this shoulder bag is made of HF goat.

The characteristics of HF goat and goat leather are "softness" and "lightness"!

This shoulder bag - STD type is simpler than the previous PTD, so I think it's easier to feel its lightness and softness.

The details such as ZIP have also been changed to create an authentic atmosphere.

The ZIP uses YKK's vintage ZIP "OLD AMERICAN".
The sewing thread and zip tape have been changed to brown to create an authentic and more casual atmosphere.

In fact, it follows the color of [ HF/N-1 ], the popular HF winter classic jacket, so it goes well with N-1!
Furthermore, I think it would be good to combine leather with models that use goat leather, which is popular these days.


How about a leather bag that goes well with a leather jacket, or a goat leather that is comfortable to carry?

leather jacket and leather bag

The HFG/shoulder bag series was designed with compatibility with leather jackets in mind.

The previous wine red bag has already become scarce in stock, but please consider it together with this one!

■HFG/SHOULDER BAG-STD Sendai store bespoke: ¥37,800- +tax
■HFG/SHOULDER BAG-PTD Sendai store bespoke: ¥39,800- +tax

*For both STD and PTD, harness belts are only sold as a set. Please note that it is not sold separately.

2 goat leather bags

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