Standard boots that have been out of stock.

How about considering boots at this time of year?

The winters in Tohoku are harsh, and the areas around Sendai are even worse...

Everyone in the neighboring prefecture is snowing and their bikes are hibernating! There are many people like that!

For that reason, unless you are actively riding a motorcycle around Sendai,
You've probably been out of winter clothes for a while now, and are excited about the next spring season!

For inquiries when visiting our store during the season when it is difficult to ride a motorcycle, please contact us.

  • Repair/cleaning inquiries
  • Tailor-made inquiries
  • Inquiries about products that are not seasonal (bags, 3-season models, etc.)

There are a lot of things like that, but if you've been considering it but have given up on it, here are some things I'd like to recommend.

It's a series of "standard boots" that have been out of stock!

Is now the time to see the classic boots that have been out of stock for a long time? !

In fact, due to various circumstances, there was no prospect of production for a long time.


We finally have a certain amount of these in stock now.







...Some sizes are once again out of stock, but we still have some in stock.

We have now resumed accepting reservations at stores, so if you don't want to neglect your preparations for next spring!

Please check the size and actual item at the store now!

Items that appeared