Protect of Kidney

The leather training belt I used before.

By the way, I wasn't aiming to be a weight training athlete.

This is because I hurt my back at a hard part-time job when I was young.
It was used as a substitute for a lumbago belt.

At that time, I was in severe pain just by walking, and there was also physical labor.
It was indispensable during work.

Speaking of low back pain belt, it is generally fastened with Velcro.
Rubber ones are the mainstream, but I dare to
Choose this heavyweight leather belt with a W-pin buckle.

When you wrap it around your waist, you will feel a sense of security and exhilaration.

The wide, wider back shape helps stabilize the pelvis without restricting movement.
By applying abdominal pressure, the burden on the lower back is reduced.

There is a model with a function similar to this in the rider's jacket.

It can be seen around the waist of the policeman jacket.

The separate kidney belt, which is no longer seen today, has evolved.
The part called "kidney pad" or "kidney warmer".

By squeezing the laced strings on both sides of the hem and using an extra-thick belt together,
Around the waist is firmly fixed.

The pad with leather on the waist switching part acts as a cushion in the event of a fall.
A large kidney warmer on the back protects the lower back from the cold.

In the old days, there was no rear suspension to absorb road shocks.
Because there were many rigid frame bikes
Detail created to prevent stomach ptosis and back pain.

By the way, the circumference of the waist is generally called "waist", but why is it called "kidney"?

・British specialty "Kidney Pie"

・ Kidney beans, a type of kidney bean

・Front "kidney grille" which can be said to be the face of BMW

・"Kidney Blow", which is considered a foul in martial arts, etc.

This “kidney”, which we don’t usually hear much about, is about “kidneys”.

All organs are important to humans.
Among them, the "kidney" located just around the waist on the back is
It is also called "the vital force".

And when this "kidney" gets cold, the whole body gets cold, and it becomes the cause of further dulling the work.

With that in mind, cold protection around the waist is important regardless of the season,
It can also help with back pain that comes from the cold.

I am humbled by the wisdom of my predecessors.

Head Factory's lineup of policeman jackets
There are two models, ASP-VS and AWP-VS .

In addition, when custom-made, you can extend the back hem.
Why don't you consider it?

We haven't had real cold weather yet.
The cold in the morning and evening is getting a lot tougher.

Please take care of yourself.


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