October 14, 2012
early morning
weather cloudy
temperature a little cold

Thermal Ron T
sweat hoodie
Wearing a leather jacket and getting ready
Even though it's a holiday, my eyes are clear from the early morning
Get on your bike and leave.

Short touring with my usual friends.
To Sagamiko, the meeting place! !

Feelings throb, without knowing the accelerator Guri, Guri
Go down National Route 20 (Koshu Highway)
By the time I run on the pass road past Mt. Takao
And the unexpected cold A strange song from my body.

Where is the pleasant autumn season going?

Today is the second Triumph meeting
It will be held on the shores of Lake Yamanaka in Yamanashi Prefecture! !

Meet up with familiar friends
We will run together along the way.

A teammate who participates in the vintage bike race "LOC" together.
He's always cool,
Completely different from the expression on the racetrack
Smile, smile.

Okamoto Kun
A true British car fanatic.
BSA Gold Star and
This rigid chopper Triumph is my favorite machine.
Always cool.

From Lake Sagami, take National Route 413 (Doshimichi) to your destination.
There is also a roadside station on the way, so it is good to run leisurely while being surrounded by nature.
It is good to attack the mountain pass,
It is a good road for touring.

The temperature after 10 o'clock is about 13 degrees Celsius.
It still feels cold.

Arriving at the venue
There was also an unexpectedly beautiful scenery in front of my eyes! !

It's still a little early for the autumn leaves season
The pale natural colors of pastel colors healed my heart.

trees, flowers and nuts
Mount Fuji in the background
It looked beautiful against the clear blue sky.

After passing through the quiet lakeside road


Motorcycles filled with narrow parking spaces.
Triumph riders still arriving one after another.

I imagined it, but it's amazing.

cafes, stalls, and...
This charming person holding a cute little flower
Old Triumph Specialist
Mr. Oishi from Toride Motorcycles.

I smile again,
This natural smile is nice.
These two are not parents.

A young handsome mechanic from Toride.
And a veteran rider who is a regular at TRIDE.

And finally, let me introduce you to him.

When I approached the well-maintained First Bonnie, I was attracted to it.
How this person
Wearing a Head Factory Dear shirt,
Without hesitation, I called out.

All the way from Kobe
He came with his beloved 1959 Triumph T120.
Mr. Juyama.

“Oh, factory manager, aren’t you wearing a dior?”

"I'm sorry, today I'm Goth, not Deer..."

then for a while
Sandwiched between each other's favorite bikes
Flowers bloomed in the leather jacket discussion.

It was the most wonderful encounter of the day.

Thank you for the wonderful time.

Osaka store bargain at the beginning of the year
Hope to see you again Looking forward to it.


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