A little story about how to shine with MOUTON GLOVE

Hello, good evening. This is OZAWA from KADOYA.

This time we will introduce maintenance products.

I will explain using my favorite boots.

Is there anyone who has had this kind of problem?

``Compared to when it was new, it has lost its luster'', ``It has become a little whitish after using it for a long time'', etc. After all, the more you use it, the more it changes.

Actually, the Kadoya boots GIJ that I use are like that.

I'm brushing, oiling, etc...

I thought that maybe it wasn't polished enough, but I thought that the items introduced this time were good.

This shearling glove, which is a maintenance item, has two sides.

The photo above is of the suede side. Rubbing the leather surface with the suede side will make it more shiny.

This is the Mouton side. I think rubbing the leather surface gently with a soft bristled surface will make it more shiny.

In the above photo, the one on the left is untreated, and the one on the right is with shearling gloves (sorry for the dirty boots)

It may be hard to tell, but the leather surface on the right side reflects light and appears glossy. Of course, this treatment does not only apply to gloves.

The steps are brushing (remove dirt) → oil up → brushing (absorb) → shearling gloves (suede side/polishing) → shearling gloves (shearling side/finishing).

Of course there are individual differences. There are individual differences in boots, so even if you use the same method, it will look completely different depending on the person.

However, if anyone has the same problem, why not give it a try? I think maintenance is essential in order to wear leather items for a long time.

Well then, have a nice leather life.

*The color of the shearling gloves introduced this time is different from the photo on the online site. Colors vary depending on production time and arrival time, and are not selectable. Please note.

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