Hello, this is Harada.

This time
HF lineup model
I would like to talk about the Meriden series.

Meriden is a small village in the West Midlands of England.
It is the name of the place where the old Triumph factory used to be.

During and after World War II
In the era when designer Edward Turner was enrolled
Many famous motorcycles that remain in the history of motorcycles up to the present day were created by

Turner is responsible for both development and management.
One of his greatest creations is said to be
It's a 1938 SPEED TWIN.

2-cylinder with the same bore and stroke as the existing OHV single-cylinder
The engine that became a vertical twin with a displacement of 500cc
It marks a maximum speed of 150km/h with a maximum output of 28.5ps.
It has made a huge impact on the industry and users.

In 1939, World War II broke out.
The British Army requested Triumph to deliver military aircraft.
All vehicles that were already produced were sent to the military.
Commercial motorcycles will be discontinued.

Coventry, which had become a major production center for military weapons, including Triumph,
In November 1940, the factory was destroyed by German air raids.

Production was resumed at a temporary factory in nearby Warwick with financial assistance from the government.
The production efficiency did not improve like before, and even if the factory was rebuilt in Coventry, it was again targeted for bombing.
The government did not approve it because we were concerned that it would be done.

The construction site was decided as a new production base, and it was
Meriden factory.

From March 1942, when production resumed, to August 1945, when the war ended, Triumph
It is said that about 50,000 military vehicles were produced.

After the war, normal production resumed.
We will resume production of pre-war models such as Speed ​​Twin and Tiger 100.

In 1946, he competed in the historical national trial tournament [ISDT] with a speed twin.
It is the first off-road model because the British team won the championship.
A TR5 with the Trophy nickname was developed.

After that, Turner aimed to develop a better motorcycle business.
In a country where riding a motorcycle as a sport is popular
We plan to expand into the United States, the world's largest motorcycle market.

At that time in the United States, large displacement vehicles such as Harley-Davidson and Indians exceeding 1000cc
V-twin engines are the mainstream, and large-displacement engines are expected to compete in the American market.
Because it was essential, in 1949, the 2-cylinder 500cc Speed ​​Twin engine was expanded to 650cc.
Featuring telescopic forks and nacelle headlights, it is a lightweight, stylish and fast machine.
Develop 6T Thunderbird.

Thunderbird sells well in the American market.
As a big step for Triumph after the war, it will be one of the masterpiece machines created by Turner.

1959, Triumph's most successful flagship model
T120 Bonneville (commonly known as Bonnie) will appear.
The model named after the Bonneville Salt Flats where the top speed record challenge is held
Twin carburetors were set on the aluminum cylinder head, and it became a racey commercial vehicle with high cam specifications.
In 1962, he challenged the top speed record and achieved 361km/h.

This is the last model produced by Edward Turner during his time at Triumph.

From the 1950s after the war until the middle of the 1960s when high-performance machines made in Japan began to emerge in the world.
The golden age of Meriden Triumph, by Turner Speed ​​Twin, Trophy and Bonnie
Many famous cars such as Tiger and Thunderbird were created.

The photo is my beloved 1950 6T Thunderbird.
20 years ago, when I was 24, I got my first dream Triumph 1969 TR6R.
At the age of 35, in his fourth year with Kadoya, he started participating in a vintage bike race.
Got a Thunderbird.

Old Triumph tuning shop that is always indebted
I asked Mr. Oishi, the president of TRIDE MOTORCYCLES, and even if I searched for a rare car,
I was looking for it for about a year under the circumstances that it did not come out in the middle of the day, and I finally found it.

The next morning when I found it, Mr. Oishi contacted me.

"I found a great one! I'm going to go get it now!!"
"Where are you?"
"California, now at the airport!"
"E... I found a Thunderbird... I'm going to go get it... from now... or California ah..
Oishi Sangaaaaa. . . . . . ”

At that time, I was on a business trip on the Shinkansen heading for Akita.
With the happy news that was too sudden
My eyes are completely swollen by the scenery that flows away at a tremendous speed that I can see from the window
I still vividly remember the moment my work mode was completely destroyed. . .

Between delivery and racing tuning
I experienced riding in the current normal for a while
The Thunderbird that I had finished for the race participation
It will be a different machine with Mr. Oishi's spirit,

Because the basic structure of the engine has many common parts with the later model
Bonnie's high cam is set and detailed internal combustion engine processing is applied.
A rare twin cab manifold is set on the head of the single cab specification.
Valve processing and reinforced springs improve intake and exhaust efficiency.
The ferocious Thunderbird
It ran tougher and more aggressive than I imagined on the racetrack.

Anyway, it's fun and fun to run around at full throttle on the racetrack...
Before I knew it, I had used the car quite a bit over the past 4-5 years.
Currently, my Thunderbird is retired from racing and is being used daily for commuting as a city ride.

The roaring engine vibrations in the low and medium speed range suddenly subsided in the high revolution range.
The feeling at the racetrack where it starts to turn around smoothly and accelerates
I can't taste it on public roads
You can enjoy it slowly and comfortably while feeling the torque of the iron engine.
It's a bike I really love.

Born in Meriden, England, raised in California, USA
My 65 year old Thunderbird
Loved and protected by various people in various countries, currently living in Japan
Turner, the creator of
The previous owner, who is a parent, cannot know
He is showing off his active performance.

First Triumph 1969 TR6R
Also made by Meriden.
It transformed into a racing vehicle on behalf of Thunderbird.

A snapshot at the racetrack with Edward Turner.

I don't have the experience of riding different bikes.
I can't say "Triumph is number one" like my predecessors.
As it has been for the last 20 years since I started riding tigers
From now on as long as there is a Triumph
I am sure that you will be able to live a happy motorcycle life.
Always infused with the energy necessary to make my favorite leather jacket
It will inspire you.

13 years ago from now
Launching the Head Factory brand in my second year with the company
I was lucky enough to be entrusted with the brand model.
What stood up with an American standard model

It is [MERIDEN].

Various thoughts that have been welling up and welling up by continuing to ride Triumph
Dreaming of Meriden, England's Golden Age, when Triumphs shone
Inspired by famous Triumph cars
To the riders jacket of the Meriden series lineup
New brand tag this winter

A new model is added.


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