Hello, this is Harada.

I'm sorry for the Triumph story every time
Please keep in touch with us often.

In the middle of last month, the shop where I usually take care of tiger maintenance
With the members who gather at TRIDE MOTORCYCLES
I went to the annual Toride Touring in autumn.

On the day of the event, it rained from the morning and was completely waterproof.

Early in the morning at the usual meeting place with the kappa group

"It's raining~, please drive slowly and safely today~"

I was talking with

As soon as you enter the Ken-O Expressway

"I did it, I did it, I knew it"

I'm going to start flying. . .

If so!

Leave it open until the Tomei Ashigara parking area where you meet up with your friends.

It's almost a vintage Triumph of the same age.
When I started running, I was overwhelmed, and it was still fun
Rain or cold, I don't care at all
fly to fly . .

I arrived at Ashigara parking in no time.

I exchanged greetings with a friend who met me again after a long time
Lighting a cigarette and taking a puff

"I'm running out of gas"

Don't let my friends point to my tiger and dismiss it. . .



[On such an important day. . . ”

I suddenly lost my temper


and a word of friends.

"Soap? Oh, I see, soap!!"

light of hope.

On that day, I got soap at the convenience store in the parking area.
Repair work was done quickly.

1950 model, a motorcycle manufactured 67 years ago.

It's only natural that there will be rattles here and there
This rigid frame vehicle is especially
Various troubles due to vibration always follow.
In each place, we have to pay attention to countermeasures.

This is due to neglecting daily maintenance. .

Depending on the degree of leakage
Not a big crack of dada leak
If it's just dripping, like this
Simply rub household soap on the cracked part
Strangely enough, it stopped leaking.

For a while the gas tank
Without fixing to the frame with stud bolts
With a rubber cord for loading that I got from a colleague at the site
Gently fix the tank.

Repair work in the parking area
After that, I slowed down and ran for a while.

After all, this kappa group keeps flying without mercy
If you notice it, it's quite open.

Not lose to rain
Resistant to engine vibration
Even in the parking lot at lunch time in Gotemba
Even at the resting place of Asagiri Plateau after that
or to your accommodation
Pitatto, the leak had stopped.

albeit first aid
Soap and a rubber band worked quite well. . .

Dealing with soap
This is just an emergency measure to temporarily stop a gasoline leak.
After that, it is basically NG to resume running.



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