It's going to be a personal story, but the words that are pointed out every time in the annual health checkup.

“Refrain from smoking and alcohol, and try to exercise moderately.”

Aside from smoking and drinking, the lack of daily exercise is a rather serious problem.

However, while thinking "Go to the gym!?"

The current situation is that I can't get motivated...

Under such circumstances, it is effective to use a bicycle where you can easily do aerobic exercise.

Because it is structured to advance as much as you pedal, you can adjust it yourself according to your physical strength and physical condition.

It is also a convenient means of transportation.

I'm not sure if they are aware of that, but at Kadoya Headquarters

The staff who sometimes adopt bicycle commuting is also a sneak peek (probably in the mood)

Well, it goes without saying that the leather jacket goes well with town use and motorcycles.

How about a combination with a bicycle?

This is an important point for those who want to wear leather all the time.

In driving a bicycle that uses the whole body carelessly

A hard and tight leather jacket may not be suitable for you.

On the other hand, raglan sleeves and action pleats that can secure momentum with soft leather quality

The type that adopts ventilation to release heat is effective.

Among them, the one that I would like to recommend the most is that it has good breathability and can be easily put on without feeling overwhelmed.

DEER SKIN shirt type.


The characteristics of deerskin, "suppleness", "strength" and "soft texture"

It can handle any movement.

Motorcycle, foot, bicycle. It's a pleasant season

It's finally here.

Click here for the model that eliminates the lining, which is ideal for the coming season



And here is the situation caused by the lack of daily exercise

These days, I think again, "I have to start soon...".


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