It's November, and it's finally the season to feel the full-fledged transition from autumn to winter.

It is also the time when there are many autumn leaves spots in full bloom.
In the morning of the holiday Now, where shall we go? and so on

Personality's curious words heard from the radio...

"Riders are enough for what I have now, and I won't buy anything I want in the future."
Such content.

Mmmm! ! How pure... it's cool to say that!

Because she is a personality, she always speaks in her own words and never wavers.
I find strength in words.

And a slow-speaking, low-pitched voice may add extra resonance.

She is a fashion model who is active on the front lines and loves clothes.
When it comes to riders jackets, I feel a strong commitment to them.

Even when talking about how he likes engineer boots and lace-up boots
I feel a sense of familiarity.

By the way, in my case, I used to think that one leather jacket was enough.

It's fun to grow, and depending on how you take care of it, it will last a lifetime.
The leather jacket I got for the first time has a special feeling.

So you don't have to own anything!

I was thinking...

"I want this next time."
"Oh, this is absolutely necessary!"
Dangerous symptoms begin to appear...

However, there is no end to this, so the ultimate and finest leather jacket that you think of
I decided to get it and hit a period.

But... a few years later, it seemed to have calmed down.
There was myself who couldn't put an end to it at all.

Is my will so weak...? It's not going very well...

In fact, the probability of finding a rider jacket that is the perfect leather, design, and size is
It may be low.

In this way, in my case, changes are repeated
Will it continue to...

But I would like to find one someday. The last one.

I wonder if it's difficult...


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