The manufacturing method used at Head Factory, "sewing one garment per person"

I would like to talk a little about the layout that is done first in a number of processes.

First of all, it starts with unfolding a piece of leather and arranging the paper patterns for the parts.

And we think that this process is the most important process.

When it's brand new, it's beautiful and hard to judge, but as you use it, it loses its shape, and there's a clear difference between the left and right expressions.

It's expensive and I wanted to keep using it for a long time, but I don't want to feel like this.

Therefore, on the premise that it can be used for many years, we take advantage of the characteristics of leather and lay out the parts of the product in the right place.

Overall and left/right balance. Where good looks and strength are required. On the contrary, it is better to use the soft part of Coco. For example, checking the stretch direction of leather, leather quality, scratches, etc.

Depending on this process, no matter how carefully you sew it, it will lead to a disappointing finish.

By the way, when making a jacket, you need two or more pieces of leather, and you will choose leather with a similar expression. Such a thing is absolutely impossible in the mass production system.

Unusable parts are removed at the layout stage, but scratches on good parts are put in places where pads are attached or where they cannot be seen from the front, such as seams.

Depending on the light and viewing angle, there may be scratches that can be easily overlooked, so check it many times...

One of those seemingly inconspicuous wounds is a biological wound that healed while alive. It's the same as the scars that everyone has on their body.

One of the original characteristics of leather that cannot be found in synthetic leather.

Since the material is a living thing, there is no same thing as one, and we are facing each other every day.

So the layout is not so easy...

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