cleaning and repair

Jackets and pants worn for years.

Sweat soaked in and stinks, mold has grown, the movement of the zip is getting worse,,,

Isn't there some people who are worried about it?

This time, we received the cleaning and repair of another company's jacket,

I will introduce it as an example.

*Currently, we are no longer accepting repairs for other companies' products. See here for details.

Regarding the jacket you received, the overall color is dark green.

It was a cowhide down jacket with padding.

Customer's worries

・I have been wearing it for more than 10 years, so I want to clean it once

・Stains in some places (probably due to food etc.)

・Darkened stickiness on the inside of the collar

・The color on the back has faded due to sunburn, so should I recolor it?

・The front zip has deteriorated

Regarding stains and dirt, just because you sent it to the cleaning,

It doesn't mean you can drop it 100%.

It will change depending on what caused the stain and the color of the leather.

In some cases, it may be improved by focusing on cleaning the areas of particular concern.

Next is color fading due to sunburn.

Color fading and discoloration that occur over time are inevitable.

There is also a method called recoloring, but since the paint is sprayed on the leather, the texture and texture can be improved.

There is also the risk that it will change significantly.

In addition, areas that come into contact with the skin often darken due to the effects of sebum, etc.

You just have to accept it as a taste.

Stickiness is often caused by applying too much oil due to meticulous care.

Regarding recoloring In the case of this jacket, looking at it as a change over time

I didn't recommend it because it changed to a pretty good shade.

Finally, the deterioration of the front zip. Because the load is applied in the place where it is used most

It will be the most common place in jacket repair.

The zip was still working, but the insertion part was torn, so

I would suggest to replace it at this time.

You can choose the thickness (strength) of the zip, the design of the handle, the color, etc.

By making something close to the original design or a completely different design and specifications

It is also possible to change the atmosphere completely.

If you have a problem with your jacket or pants,

If you bring it to the store, we will make the best proposal while actually looking at it.

Please feel free to contact us.

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