What's this?


To begin with, there is a problem.

Do you know the name of the part attached to this shoulder?

It may be a vestige of a military uniform,

You may not be familiar with it, but

The answer is "Epaulet".

So how do you say epaulet in Japanese?

The answer is "epaulettes".

As it is a leather jacket maker representing Japan,

Personally, I feel comfortable reading Japanese.

Then, the "button" on the tip of the epaulette is a foreign word.

How do you write it in kanji?

The answer is "Button".

Next, the holes in the belt are "grommets",

When written in kanji, it is "eyelet"!

However, I guessed the kanji for "eyelet" first. *There are various theories

It's funny, is not it?

The small jagged metal parts of the zipper are called elements.

In Japanese, it is called "Mushi".

Finally, there is the problem.

Where can I find a shop with staff who know a lot about leather jackets?

The answer is "Kadoya directly managed store".

Now, would you like to talk about leather jackets?

We are waiting for you at the store.

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