Pads that protect the rider's joints
This time, I will focus on the knees.

Injuries are often caused in an accident by
An injury to the patella and posterior cruciate ligament in the knee joint.
The patella was originally an ossified muscle tendon of the quadriceps muscle (muscle attached to the front of the thigh).
When moving the knee, it becomes the fulcrum of the lever and plays a very important role for knee movement.
The posterior cruciate ligament (posterior cruciate ligament) is an important ligament within the knee joint that prevents the lower leg bone from slipping posteriorly relative to the femur.
The coefficient of friction of living joints is 0.005 to 0.02.
0.1 to 0.5 for artificial joints,
0.03 for ice and ice
You can see how the biological joint is an excellent mechanism.

It is never safe if there is a pad,
How about padded leather pants to protect your precious knees?

I put on my pants and bent my knees to check the position of the knee pads.
When you straddle the bike, there are many cases where the pad position is slightly misaligned.

The inner thigh line is the key to aligning the knees of the pants.

For the line connecting the femoral head to the tibia (Mikulicz Line),
The inclination of the femoral shaft is said to be about 175° to 165°.

Because the alignment of the femur is inverted against the axis of the lower leg,
When standing upright and in a sitting position (sitting on a seat) with the hip joints spread
The length of the inner thigh line is very different.

In the case of women with a wide pelvis, this inverted C shape is stronger than that of men,
There is a big difference in the length of the inner thigh line when the legs are open and when the legs are closed.

Also, the required distance above the knees varies depending on the position of the step, so when purchasing leather pants or jumpers with pads, be sure to straddle your bike and decide what kind of riding you will be doing. I think it would be nice if you could.

For a fun and safer bike life...

I hope that the bike, the clothing, and the body will go together for a long time.

Those who are thinking about leather jumpsuits that match motorcycles and styles
We look forward to hearing from you.



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