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Article: Kame-hame-ha~!



Hello everyone.

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

Right away,

Please have your favorite riders on hand.

Are you ready? Now, please wear it.

Kamehameha please.

Here you go!

So, don't hesitate! Please!

? ? ?

I'm sure you're wondering what I'm talking about...

In fact, you can see the real riders here.

This is the “Kita style riders selection method” lol

  • Point 1. Even if you put your arms out in front of you, your shoulders won't rise.
  • Point 2. Your back won't tense up even when you bend forward.
  • Point 3: Even if you lower your hips and spread your legs, don't push up the hem with your thighs.

If you can pose it comfortably, it's real.

In other words, these three points are essential elements when riding a bike.

This can be determined from the fact that the Kamehameha pose is similar to that of riding a motorcycle.

Well, how was it? Were you able to do the Kamehameha pose easily?

If you can't do it, the jacket may not be suitable for biking.

If you want authentic riders, please come to Kadoya store.

Wait, isn't it okay to use the same posture as when riding a bike? It sounds like,

KADOYA has knowledge, experience, and genuine riders .

Our staff has knowledge, experience, and vocabulary .

Please feel free to come and visit us.

Well then, good day.