Motorcycle life that changes with loading

"It's so convenient that I can't stop using it because it increases the load capacity and makes loading and unloading things smoother." This is a story I often hear from people who use side bags.

Side bags tend to focus on increasing the load capacity, but I would like you to know the convenience of loading and unloading luggage from the bag attached to the machine.

The installation method tends to be complicated, but it is actually easy.
(DOPPELGANGER brand mounting mechanism that hooks are hard to come off and easy to attach)

*Please be sure to check the instruction manual attached to the product.

1 2 belts → Attached around the seat 2 Hook on the bag → Attached to the seat belt 3 Belt attached to the frame etc. → Attached to the bag and adjusting the length 4 Belt attached to the base of the turn signal etc. → Attached to the bag and adjust the length.

Moderately rectangular and voluminous yet smart shape.
If you use the attached shoulder belt, it is a design that can be used alone as it is.

Isn't it a big change to be able to go shopping on a motorcycle?
I would appreciate it if you could consider it in a sense similar to customizing a motorcycle.

Please refer to the product link below for details.

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