The current lineup of Kadoya, where the number of ladies' models is increasing.

This time, we will introduce the new model IROS worn by the new staff F.

This IROS has been worn for about 3 months.

Actually, it is a product sample before commercialization, and there are some points that are slightly different from the catalog model.

Various attempts have been made to develop the product, such as a button that allows the upper collar to be folded back, and the F zipper that does not open upside down.

I always think that the process of making things is both fun and difficult, because there are many prototypes and the products are completed.

By the way, the button on the upper collar, which was postponed in the product version, can be repaired.

Be sure to check out the product version at the store.

We also have a new bag that is easy to use.

There are two colors, BK and BR, so please choose according to your preference.

Some items are out of stock, but we are waiting for customers who are looking for women's models to visit us.

Items that appeared