T-shirts that will touch the hearts of bikers are now available.

INVISIBLE RIDER wearing image ①

This one has long sleeves. The sleeves are switched to khaki, and the body is black. The Kadoya logo is subtly placed under the rider motif design.

INVISIBLE RIDER wearing image ②

*Wearing size 175cm/68kg/LL

Made from an original tailored cotton fabric that is moderately thick and uses open-end yarn. The more you wash it, the more the texture will improve.

INVISIBLE RIDER wearing image ③

*172cm/63kg/wearing size L

This is white with short sleeves. The design is a graphic design drawn by a motorcycle designer from GK Dynamics, who designs many Yamaha motorcycles.

INVISIBLE RIDER wearing image ④

It can be worn not only as an inner layer of a jacket, but also as street clothes for any occasion. The fabric is also tough, so it won't be easily see-through even when it's white.

INVISIBLE RIDER wearing image ⑤

This is black with short sleeves. The design and fabric are all black, so you can match it with any pants you want. We highly recommend it as one of your outfits this summer.

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