The Sanja Festival, Asakusa's biggest annual event, was held last week.
Every year, when the Sanja Festival ends, there is only a little time left in May.
It feels like the season is moving from spring to summer.
Now, going to work on the Sanjamatsuri day...
No matter what the environment, we seriously face the products in front of us.
Do the work.
...However, on this day only, when the mikoshi approaches, the sounds of music and drums are heard.
The shouts...the enthusiasm was felt even on the 7th floor, where the main factory is located.
Even though I thought, “It’s not good…concentrate, concentrate,” I’m starting to feel nervous.
I ended up taking a look...
Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets
This is the view when you look down from the balcony on the 7th floor.
People, people, people, and enthusiasm. It's amazing! !
This year was the first time in a while that I wasn't working on this day, so the photo is from a few years ago.
It seems like this year's event was even more exciting.
So I feel a little lonely because I can't experience it.
This time, I decided to leave the lively Asakusa and go to another city.
On the way, I took a short detour to look for a ``kikiri'', which is one of the essential tools for making a leather jacket.
As a result, I couldn't find anything good...
The reason is that the knife blade I had been using for over 10 years broke.
Although it was still usable, I thought it was time to replace it, so I bought two new ones.
I just don't feel comfortable with the sharpness, grip, etc.
In the end, I still use a cutter with a chipped blade that fits my hand better.
Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets
When you pick up something new, it may feel strange at first, but you will gradually get used to it.
I really think that there is a compatibility with tools.
The same can be said for bikes.
Now that I think about it, on a different note, I saw an interesting special on TV the other day.
Contents such as "How did humans originate?"
Compared to other animals, their fangs have degenerated, they don't have strong muscle strength, and their feet aren't fast.
A frail ape who has just started walking on two legs
However, how did they survive and protect themselves from the threats of wild beasts and nature? ?
The biggest evolution was acquiring wisdom and starting to use tools.
I knew it, and I can't explain it well, but I was impressed! !
It makes me think about the relationship between humans and the tools we take for granted today.
Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets
Any tool is an extension of your hands, so the best tool is the one that suits you best.
When this happens, you will become attached to it and naturally feel the desire to use it with care.
I'll take my time to find the cutout.

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