About 2 years after purchase.
A feeling of fitting to let you forget that you hang it from a shoulder,
The content is just right for me,
If you notice it, you always wear it when you go out.


I mostly use it on my shoulder,
It can also be worn around the waist.

I would like to add a simple attachment/detachment function to the belt part.
When I consulted with an HF craftsman...

The joint part of the hook and D-can rotates,
I don't mind the twisting of the belt.

Also, although there are some hits on the body due to the attachment of metal fittings,
There is almost no problem because it is often attached from the top of the leather jacket.

As a result, when wearing a helmet,
Putting on and taking off when wearing the waist has become much more convenient.
From the overall atmosphere, the brass eggplant can,
And this size is the best choice.

The design is also a favorite as a brass accessory.

Those who want to chop the belt of HFG shoulder bag,
Please consult with the nearest Kadoya directly managed store staff.



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