New model completed

Thank you for waiting.
Spring/Summer 2011 New Model HF-DEER
Production of both models for the first order has been completed, and we are scheduled to ship the head office and each branch this weekend.
Along with the announcement
Again, we will tell you about the various characteristics of deerskin and the mass production scene at the head office factory.

Rising Sun HF tag.
There is a sense of presence even by itself, and it will be a picture.
It is sewn into the back neck.

On the HF serial number product name tag,
A quality notation tag, a cleaning tag, and an inspection tag are inserted,
It is sewn into the back of the front body at the position of the pocket.

Head office factory 11 sewing craftsmen.
At this time of the year during the high season, we are responding to made-to-order production and repair products that have an approaching delivery date.
Each craftsman is chased.
At the same time, additional production of each model of the HF series off-the-shelf products will be carried out.
Among them, the first production of the new model has a lot of numbers and a large amount of work, so
We will adjust the production schedule and respond in a separate frame.

Despite mass production,
We do not do any flow division of labor.

There are two craftsmen involved in this production.
By model, by color, by size Each takes charge of the number of clothes,
Cutting, leather skiving, preparation such as interlining, final sewing, inspection and all production processes
It is handled by one worker.

When it comes to launching a new model, the responsibility is also great.
Start the work calmly while suppressing the feeling of excitement along with the tension.

Not only are there restrictions on delivery times, but there are rules about the production time for one piece of clothing.
Efficiency will improve, so be polite and don't rush.

and completed.
This moment is deeply emotional.

Finish the final inspection and prepare for shipment.

[Characteristics of deerskin]

1. Fluffy softness and elasticity
2. Silk-like suppleness and warm texture (hand feeling)
3. Strong tear strength
4. Excellent breathability - used as a filter for aircraft fuel during wartime
However, its excellent breathability has been proven.
5. Unique natural shibori - (Squeezing on the surface of the epidermis)
Milling (blank shot) further emphasizes the squeezing.
6, Durability of leather products - Almost no weathering or deterioration is seen even after many years,
maintain suppleness.
This means that the reticular layer is less entangled than other leather types.
More space between fibers, i.e. better separation of fibers than other leathers
It can be said that it is good.

<From the overview of Fujioka Products>

[Other characteristics]

Scratches on the silver surface (surface)

Deerskin is characterized by more scratches than other types of leather.
In addition, since the tanning this time takes advantage of the texture of natural materials and is finished with dyes,
In addition, scratches are more noticeable, and from the conventional HF quality selection,
It seems that there are many people who have discomfort and doubts.

Scratches 1 Wound 2

Even at the factory site, we are working hard to remove as many visible scratches as possible.
The top priority is to be able to withstand changes over time,
Lay out the pattern paper in the best place of a single piece of oval leather (tension, stiffness, grain with fine texture)
I am thinking of doing this.

back center

< Lay out the body and sleeves vertically from the buttocks to the neck along the center of the back. >

I would appreciate it if you could understand it as a high-quality texture including scratches.

As you continue to wear it, it will become familiar with your body and you can enjoy the change in taste.
This is a product that we can recommend with confidence.


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