As you may already know, the “HFP” icon in the general catalog.

KADOYA's product line includes many ready-made products made in overseas factories.
“HFP” is a product that uses patterns made at the head office factory.

A number of made-to-order items that we make daily.

The pattern is also improving day by day.
I would like to continue to evolve.

We have been custom-made for a long time.
racing suit.

Patterns are one of the most important jobs.

As a specialized wear worn when riding a motorcycle,

The significance of existence is no longer dominated by functionality.

Functionality is to protect the body with pads deployed in various places,
It does not impede the movement of the rider.

For orders for racing suits made entirely of leather, without using different materials,
Even if the quality of the pattern is directly connected to the comfort
It is no exaggeration to say

The data obtained here is also used for riders jackets
It will be inherited.

Look cool and stylish even if you wear it in the city.

Reaching out to the steering wheel,
The riding position will be the same.

We aim to create patterns for such wear.


Items that appeared