Head Factory - Leather wear catalog

The other morning, wrapped in thick clouds due to a typhoon,
A large truck was pulled up in front of the Asakusa Kadoya head office.
The cargo is a freshly made Head Factory catalog.

In the midst of a light rain,
Carefully and quickly so as not to get the luggage wet
With the human wave tactics of the head office staff mobilization
Safely, the catalog is from the container to the garage.

The long-awaited catalog has finally arrived.

I was looking forward to this moment, opening the package and flipping through the pages.

Of course, it exists to be handed over to the customer, so it's a little strange for me to indulge in pleasure,
However, until the completion of this catalog, craftsmen including myself have been deeply involved in the production for a long time.
That's why we have had many discussions that could cause cracks in human relationships.
Please understand the feeling that makes you want to dance to completion.

Let's put aside the self-satisfaction here and introduce the catalog a little.

Compared to the F&W KADOYA general catalog that was lined up in the store earlier, in the small B5 size,

Information on ready-made products including new products

List of new ordering systems

Ready-made size specifications

etc. are laid out simply, and a custom-made category price list is also posted.
For those who are considering it, it is finished in a very easy-to-understand making.

At the Asakusa main store, it has already been displayed in the store along with the general catalog.
It is also shipped directly to each directly managed store.

Please take a look and take a look.


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