Kappa and apple

On a snowy night the other day, when I came home, I tore off my kappa and warmed my fingertips with hot water. .
I have received an email from a friend.
”Turn on the TV”
At that time, I hung the miserably scattered kappa on the hanger, squeezed the blistered gauntlet gloves, and brushed off the snow that had piled up on my helmet. However, since I had to contact you all the way, I changed my mind and turned on the power.
I see, it's about this.
What was projected on the TV screen was a scene of an elderly man wearing a cap talking passionately with an apple in one hand.

The TV program is a variety program with the purpose of taking up various contradictory matters in the world and clarifying those contradictions by direct confrontation. On the other hand, is it possible to open a hole with the strongest drill of the drill manufacturer? The people who developed them, or the people who have mastered those techniques, bring their "things" or their "skills" to each other and compete with each other to settle things. configured as you said.

And the theme of the night was a genuine apple craftsman who was born and raised in an apple farm and now runs an apple farm. Can you tell just by looking at it when you put it side by side with an apple? It was the content that said.

The man with the apple on the cap was an apple craftsman who had just faced this confrontation, and he had clearly stated that he would definitely see through it.

It piqued my interest, but even before I started thinking, ``There must be a limit to deceiving the human eye with artificial things,'' my position was decided as an apple craftsman, so I lit up a cigarette and squeezed my gauntlet. started. After all, it is the eyes of a human being who would have been able to live with apples.

However, my easy expectations were dismissed, and the fake apple deceived me.

I was a little shocked by the result, but when I think about it, it was the craftsmen who made the fake apples. I tried to comfort myself by saying things like, "This isn't a fake apple, but an apple that isn't food." However, the sample craftsman himself said it was a fake apple on the TV screen, so in the end, I was the only one who was deceived by the word fake.

Anyway, I was not particularly interested in apples or food replicas, but I got goosebumps once again knowing that Japanese craftsmanship is active in various situations.

And I heard on a TV program that the manufacturer that made the sample apples opened a direct sales store in Asakusa Kappabashi Tool Street, so I thought I'd take a walk for the first time in a while.
Kappabashi Dougu Street, one of Asakusa's specialties, is just a stone's throw away from Kadoya Headquarters, where our head factory is located, and its entrance is located two minutes on foot.

Dogu-gai itself is mostly shops that sell food, kitchen-related equipment, and tools, so there is almost no point of contact with leather jacket shops. I used to repeat this frequently, so I haven't been able to wander around within walking distance recently. , I often run around Kappabashi on my motorcycle to get buckles and buttons that match the customer's image.
It is a town of tools, and a town of craftsmen, where you can get all the goods you need for life in the Kappabashi area.

For customers who come to Kadoya head office, why don't you take a walk in the tool street for a little time until the leather pants are finished?

The entrance to Kappabashi Dougu Street.

I feel romance in the special tools.

Amazing full metal.

Only the proportions are excessively good Gold Gappa lacking dignity

Japanese legs that are always picture-perfect.

Kappabashi has recently come to Kojare.

If you line up like this, the waste will fade.

A signboard shop, not a soba restaurant.

A brand that can also be ordered.

As it is.

my go-to.

Treasure Chest.


Would you like a toast?



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