These heavy iron lumps are hand-pressed.

Used for punching dot buttons, eyelets, caulking, etc.

A machine that is essential for making leather jackets.

Put your hand on the handle and lower it down to set it up and down
A mechanism in which two parts (front and back) are pressed.

The sockets (pieces) attached to the top and bottom can be changed according to the application.

It is easy to keep the angle and pressure uniform, and you can press accurately.

In situations where equipment cannot be used, it is handled by hand.
Pay attention to the angle and pressure in the same way, and hit it reliably.

Working with instruments and tools.
Either way, unless the above conditions are met
Failure to do so may result in malfunction or damage to parts.

Parts are consumables, but at Head Factory
Based on the above, I wish each of you the best of luck.

This is a retro Scoville foot press.

This instrument, also called 'Ketobashi', uses the pedals at your feet to
stepping type.

It is possible to work while fixing the product with both hands.

The crane arm is lowered by the principle of leverage.
The feature is that you can press firmly even if you step on it lightly.

Named "Made in japan/HEAD FACTORY" 19 years ago
This instrument introduced with the birth of the first modelBLACK STAR
It will soon be 20 years old.


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