Leather JKT that can be worn stylishly even in the cold winter is here.

Winter outerwear tends to have a bulky silhouette.

Outerwear for this cold season starts with a down jacket.

The silhouette tends to expand at the expense of cold protection.

For those who like leather jackets, there must be some parts that are frustrating.

"I don't want to wear it stylishly even in winter! But I also want protection from the cold!"

It's quite a difficult balance.

JKT and DB9 have both such "cold protection" and "smartness".

However, KADOYA has a JKT that successfully balances these two difficult points!

It is a model called [DB9].

Winter Riders JKT_DB9

The details are simple, but the leather texture and diamond quilted stitch design throughout make a statement.

Winter Riders JKT_DB9②

The filling is filled with polyester quilting and high-performance material Conformax.

By reducing the volume only on the sleeves, it creates a sharp silhouette.

Winter Riders JKT_DB9③

Thanks to the soft and lightweight goatskin, it is also recommended as street wear.

And despite its sharp silhouette, it is designed to make it easy to get into a riding position on the bike.

If you are worried about winter clothes and have to compromise on silhouette issues...
This is a jacket worth considering once.

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