Good size

In one word, bags come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and shapes.

When the luggage is clear depending on the trip and purpose, the size of the bag should be decided naturally.

other times. I'm surprisingly worried about the size of the bag I use every day...

In the first place, I'm not good at carrying luggage, so I used to go through the empty-handed principle.

There is a tendency to increase the number of belongings, and the pockets are swollen.

I don't like it very much...the number of pockets decreases dramatically in the summer...

So when you start using a small waist bag, it's pretty good.

However, the number of things I carry around gradually increased, and my waist bag was full...

So next time I changed to a slightly larger waist bag.

After that, although it shifted to a shoulder bag, the weight increased as much as the capacity increased...

When you are cross-body, you start to feel resistance to the weight of the load on one shoulder.

I've settled on a backpack for the past few years.

I'm often asked, "What's in that rucksack you always carry?"

To be honest, I don't carry around as much stuff as I used to, and I don't have many things in it.

It's almost empty.

But for someone like me, who has to keep both hands free, shopping and

A very reliable and indispensable item when you have a sudden luggage.

I used to be not good at carrying a bag, but it started with a small waist bag, and now it's a backpack! ?

I don't know... By the way, when I see people carrying the bare minimum in a small bag

I yearn for a little. "Somehow smart..."

After all, I think there is a good size for each person, including clothing, food and shelter.

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