leather aging

How have your leather jackets and leather products changed, and what kind of expression do they have?

It varies depending on the tanning method and pigment finish or not,

Even if the product is the same, it depends on the person who wears it, how often it is worn, the environment in which it is worn, and how it is maintained.

Not one will be the same.

If you have the opportunity to see leather products lined up in the store, you can decide on the first impression.

Of course it's good, but it's even more fun to choose while imagining how it will change over time.

This time, I would like to introduce some of Kadoya's products over time.

・HF/AW-1VS: Uses vintage steering

It has a texture that deepens the more it is used, which is described as "glossy at the bottom", and has the characteristics of flexibility, high strength, and resistance to water.

(Worn for 13 years)

・Ad9R: Use oiled vintage steering

It contains a lot of oil and is strong, but it has a unique taste that is moist and transparent.

(Before wearing)

(Worn for 1 year and 3 months)

Wrinkles that occur with wearing and colors that occur due to rubbing.

By carving them little by little, it becomes a tasteful piece.

・KA-VOGEL: Uses pull-up oil leather (upper part)

When the leather is pulled or bent, the oil seeps out and the color of the surface changes.

"Pull-up effect" is the origin of the name.

Brings rich changes to the look of leather without maintenance.

(Before wearing)

(Worn for 7 years)

The beautiful leather products that we usually see in stores can be said to be "unfinished".

Leather products that have changed so much over the years are very attractive.

The same thing takes time and changes into something unique.

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