This time we will introduce

While working as a mixed martial arts gym trainer,
Mitsuo Matsumoto, who is engaged in nursing care.
She is my junior high school classmate.

During his active career in martial arts,

2004 Pancrase Gate Tournament Lightweight Champion
1997 All Japan Amateur Shooto Championship Welter Weight 3rd Place
Tournament of J '97 Lightweight Tournament 3rd Place
He is a martial arts maniac with a glorious battle record.

Recently purchased YAMAHA R6
In order to run the circuit,
I ordered a racing suit.

Left and right sleeves with different coloring,
Original font leather letters.

A fighting gym sign is sewn on the back.

Probably making a custom-made racing suit
First and last.

I reworked the design several times,
I have finally come up with something that I can agree on.

I was only with Mi-chan for three years,
Both are in the Musashino 5th Middle Kendo club.

He was the captain of the department.
Did you get beat up a lot...

A demon fighter who admits to himself and others that he is competitive.

Once you put on a jumpsuit and ride a monster bike
No matter how you look at it, it's a serious racer.

I can't speak for people, but
I'm so careless


Mi-chan is cool.

Many users are waiting
Please be careful.



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