sub-item of the store.


In the Tokai region, where days with low temperatures continue,

How are you doing?

It seems that some customers are hesitant to ride a motorcycle because it is too cold.

As for me, I commute by bike, so regardless of the season, whether it's wind or rain,

Don't miss it!

Personally, I feel the condition of the bike is better in the cold than in the heat,

I can run comfortably.

Winter touring is also exceptional, so please try it.

However, there are road conditions, so please don't overdo it.

Well, thank you very much for the unexpected response to the OUTLET SALE the other day.

Also, I think that there are some customers who feel that there are few sale items, so

We also apologize.

Sometimes things that are different from usual can be a good stimulus.

Also, it may be difficult to notice unless you look closely because it blends into your everyday life.

This time, we will introduce the sub-items that blend into the store.

・The first is the "metal plate".

Customers often ask, "Isn't this for sale?"

I want it too! It's cool, isn't it!

Unfortunately, there are no plans to sell it.

There are other Kadoya logo versions and HEAD FACTORY versions, so

If you are in the store, please find it.

・The second is the "shop card".

Kadoya directly managed stores have "shop cards" available.

"Always by your side!" (Kita's personal opinion w),

Concept shop card.

Each shop information is listed on the back side.

Is it actually a rare item!? ?

Of course, you can take this home with you.

Please take it home with you next time you visit us.

・The third is a business card.

I actually have.

Many of the staff at Kadoya directly managed stores are Kadoya employees,

We take pride in our products and sell them responsibly.

I think that there is a difference in how to handle it depending on the staff,

I mainly hand it over to the customer who was in charge of the order.

This time is recommended because it takes time to deliver the order.

Another popular item at the Nagoya store is

Toilet leather roll paper cover (not for sale),

Sewing machines used for hemming are eye-catching.

So that you can enjoy the atmosphere as a leather specialty store

We are looking forward to your visit.

Items that appeared