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Article: deck jacket


deck jacket

Deck jacket, N-1, was created as cold weather clothing for sailors who can work on ships and in harsh environments such as rough seas. You can often find them at second-hand clothing stores, and they often have "USN" stenciled on the chest, and some of them are sooty and worn out in color, which is also tasteful and cool. . . Today we would like to once again introduce N-1 made by "HEAD FACTORY".

N-1 Wearing ①

N-1 175cm/68kg/BK/LL size wearing

Based on the deck jacket issued to the US Navy, the leather is thick goat leather called ``HF Goat''. Although the leather has a luster and suppleness that cowhide does not have, there is no doubt that the wrinkles will become deeply engraved and blend in with each use, creating a one-of-a-kind jacket.

N-1 Wearing ②

Like other jackets, many people worry about size issues when layering them, but since a removable acrylic boa liner is included inside, you don't have to wear too many inner layers. It has cold protection.

N-1 wearing ③

The shearling collar not only looks cool, but the collar can also be turned up and buttoned, so you can protect yourself from the wind without having to wear a muffler.

N-1 wearing ④

To be honest, it's my personal opinion that I want it not only for motorcycles but also for everyday wear. Rather, it's something I want to wear on a regular basis.

Well then! !